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About Lip Lifts

Roderick M. Urbaniak, M.D. is an accomplished, board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience performing life-changing facial cosmetic surgeries for patients all across the greater Clearwater, FL area. At his practice, with locations in Largo and Clearwater, FL, he provides an array of facial plastic surgeries to enhance the way men and women look and feel. Of the many treatments he offers, one excellent surgery is the lip lift. Lip lift procedures are done to reshape and produce distinct definition to the peaks of the lips, which provides a fuller, beautiful look to the mouth. If you've found yourself feeling discontent with your small upper lip and desire a more long-lasting change than dermal fillers or a fat transfer, then lip lift surgery could be the solution you've been seeking. If you're interested in learning more about this lasting, feature-enhancing procedure, contact our office, Urbaniak Plastic surgery. We'll be happy to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Roderick Urbaniak.

What Are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

A customized lip lift in Largo, FL at Urbaniak Plastic Surgery can enhance the beauty of your smile and facial appearance with quite a few wonderful factors, such as:

  • Produces plumper lips
  • Benefits the symmetry of and aesthetic of the smile
  • Balances facial balance and harmony
  • Contributes to a refreshed aesthetic
  • Raises the edges of the mouth
  • Nearly erases the look of smoker's lines (on upper lip)
  • Supplies longitudinal to unchanging results
  • Supports confidence and self-image
  • Little to no recovery period
  • Minimal scarring

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates to receive lip lift surgery are those who want to improve the shape and placement of their upper lip. You could also be a candidate for a lip lift if you have a "gummy" smile. If you want a lip lift but have concerns related to your gummy smile, discuss these with Dr. Roderick Urbaniak so your ideal treatment can be decided. Regardless of your concerns, lip lift surgery is minimally invasive and uncomplicated in nature, and it is known to produce desirable results. During your private consultation with Dr. Urbaniak, you will discuss your concerns and goals to determine if a surgical lip lift could suit your aims. In general, patients considering this procedure should be in good overall health. The right candidates for this procedure often have lips that are:

  • Asymmetrical
  • Thin and shapeless
  • Spaced either too close or too far away from the nose
  • Cover your upper row of teeth
  • Always in a "frowning" position

Surgical Technique

Currently, there are many techniques that could be used to complete your lip lift surgery, depending on your unique concerns and goals. The most common of these techniques are:

Gull-wing lip lift: This method is employed to improve the look and volume of the vermilion (the lip line which shapes the top of the Cupid’s bow). For this surgery, the skin tissue will be carefully detached. This will allow Dr. Roderick Urbaniak to reshape and lift the upper lip, boosting the depth of the vermilion for ideal results.

Sub-nasal lip lift: To perform this method of lip lift surgery, a tiny piece of skin from beneath the nose will be detached, lifted, and sewn into the correct position underneath. This lifting technique helps the lips look larger and fuller, emphasizing the Cupid's bow and increasing the volume of the vermilion.

What to Expect

Lip lift surgery is a delicate procedure that is known to provide lovely results that you will see immediately after treatment. Typically, lip lifts require the use of general anesthesia, which is administered in an outpatient setting. This surgery can take up to two hours. Along with some post-operative discomfort, you can expect mild swelling and bruising to occur over the first couple of weeks following your procedure. Although the improvement will be visible, it can take a couple of months for the full results of your lip procedure to be revealed. After the swelling and bruising have completely gone down, your results will be even more stunning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lift lip cost?
The cost of your lip lift procedure will depend on your concerns and the technique employed to address your issues. Additionally, any anesthesia and facility fees will be incorporated into your total costs. During your private consultation, Dr. Roderick Urbaniak will assess your needs and goals and design a personalized treatment plan to address these. Once this has done, we will be able to more accurately estimate your total costs. Urbaniak Plastic Surgery accepts a variety of payment methods, including low-interest medical financing.

Why not just use a cosmetic injectable?
Injectable dermal fillers, such as Voluma from the Juvéderm line, can be injected into your lips to create more fullness where it's desired. Fat grafting could be used for this purpose as well. However, these will not be as long-lasting or address the particular cosmetic concerns that a lip lift would. A dermal filler will add volume to the lips, but it does not raise them into a more desirable position — rather, they outwardly project the lips. Injectable fillers can provide lovely results, but the outcomes fade over time and will need to be touched up a few times a year.

Will I have a scar?
Since this surgery requires an incision to be made, it will leave a small scar. However, Dr. Urbaniak places this incision in a crease at the bottom of the nose so that your scar is well-hidden and easily concealed in the natural fold of your face. The sutures will be placed inside the inner lip, so they will not be visible to others. With proper scar care followed, the blemish left behind by your lip lift could be barely visible.

If it doesn't plump my lips, why should I have a lip lift?
The purpose of lip lift surgery is to improve the placement of the lips on the face and create balance. Although this can have the effect of making your lips appear more full, this is not the objective of the procedure. Rather, this surgery acts to reshape and reposition the lip to address sagging, low or high placement, or an undesirable vermilion border shape. Patients seeking this treatment often want to create a more distinct Cupid's bow or shorten the space between the top lip and the base of the nose (for the best aesthetic results, the space should be 12 – 15 mm in height). If attaining fuller lips is your goal, you can ask Dr. Urbaniak about the dermal fillers offered by our practice.

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Kiss Thin Lips Goodbye

Although lip lift surgery is delicate in nature, it's known to produce outstanding outcomes. There's no need to fear leaving Urbaniak Plastic Surgery with duck lips, or lips that appear too puffy and artificial-looking. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roderick Urbaniak has years of training and experience in performing delicate facial plastic surgeries, such as lip lifts, so your results will appear fresh and natural rather than fake. If you're unhappy with the shape or position of your upper lip and desire a more favorable appearance, it's time to take action. If you live in or around the greater Clearwater, FL area, contact our cosmetic office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Urbaniak. He'll use his knowledge and skills to develop your unique treatment plan to give you the look you want.

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